About us

PE Outlets original is founded as a company buying stock lots (from manufacturers) and brands. We moved more and more in developing new products, product-lines and concepts, and source the right partners. This can be under your brand or we find or create together a new brand for the category you want to develop and launch.

Recently we sold the brand Petra Electric to Ultimate Products from the UK. Petra Electric is a strong and traditional German brand with a rich history; Petra Electric was founded in 1968, a manufacturer of electrical equipment with a focus on coffee machines. The brand Petra Electric was renovated: since then emphasis is put on a much more emotional appearance of the brand. The logo was redesigned, as well as the packaging of the products. These actions generated a higher recognition value. The new motto of Petra Electric is “Innovation – Usability – Reliability”. The acquisition of Petra Electric will open doors for Ultimate Products, especially in the German and Austrian market.

PE Outlets has decided to bring more focus on the product categories, and concentrate on security and comfort products:

  • Door-Entry and Camera security;
  • Burglary and Fire protection;
  • Smart Solutions.

If you have a demand for one of these categories, or think you can offer and develop together with us and make it sales ready for the European market don’t hesitate and contact us!

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